Guimarães Wine Fair


For the first time in Guimarães, Multiusos hosts Guimarães Wine Fair – an event that brings together about 200 producers, with around 3000 products in tasting, wine, beer, whiskey and liquor among others.

The Municipal Council of Guimarães, in collaboration with Guimarães Commercial and Industrial Association (ACIG) and with the support of E.Leclerc Lordelo-Guimarães, Arcol Cash & Carry, Vinho Grandes Escolhas magazine and Corticeira Amorim, organize a nationwide event.

What is Guimarães Wine Fair?


In this event, Wine is honored, one of the Portuguese cultural symbols. From wine tasting, to immediate purchase and to medal awards in several categories, Wine is this event’s leading figure.

In addition to the wine, it highlights the craft beer, the liquor, distilled drinks like whiskey and gin and a wide variety of gourmet products.

Producers from North to South will be presente, with tasting and selling of the best they produce .

In addition to Portuguese wines, in the first edition of Guimarães Wine Fair, we will have a guest country – France. A country which will showcase it’s well known rich wines and famous Champagne.

Who is Guimarães Wine Fair intended for?

The event is aimed at consumers and producers.

Consumers will be able to taste a wide variety of wines, with the possibility of immediate purchase, and will be able to vote on their chosen products.

Producers will be able to reveal their products and be awarded by professionals and visitors.

Why participate?

Why participate?

To take part in Guimarães Wine Fair – Tasting & Shopping, is to participate in the largest temporary Wine shop in Portugal! Having the opportunity to be part of a unique event.

What advantages do I have in participating at Guimarães Wine Fair – Tasting & Shopping.

  • Reveal products to professionals and final consumers;
  • Immediate return on the investment;
  • Communication of the event at a national level;
  • Possibility of future commercialization: confirmed presence of the French-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the British-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce;
  • Establish contacts with producers and distributors;
  • Play activities on the days of the event, in the morning, for producers/exhibitors;
  • Special conditions for accommodation in local hotels;
  • Possibility of winning medals, attributed by professionals and visitors.


Why visit ?

Why visit ?


Guimarães Wine Fair is a unique event in Portugal.


  • Largest temporary Wine store in Portugal – about 3000 wines in display;
  • Possibility of immediate purchase;
  • Presence of about 200 French and Portuguese producers;
  • Possibility of return of the ticket value (5 €), in a purchase of over 30 €;
  • Possibility of buying tickets at a national level: Ticketline and Blueticket – SOON;
  • Possibility to vote on their favorite products;
  • Presence of interactive games with immediate prizes.


Coordenador do evento:

Marco Gonçalves

Tel. +351 913 073 468

Email: info@guimaraeswinefair.com